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How to Design my Awesome Product

The following information is just a simple guide to get you started. This explains the function of buttons and commands in the designer page.

Initiating the Designer Page

Designer Page, Design your own
Select your product and hit " Design it" button. You will be taken to the designer page.

Note: If you Select Add to Cart without Designing your product first, you are ordering a blank (no design) item.

Text Tool

Text, Artwork

*Use Text Tool-> Add Text to put Personalised Text on the canvass

*Choose Quotes-> Allows you to select from our range of meaningful quotes from different categories.

Text Tool has alot of Customization features.

* Choose from Hundreds of different Font Styles
* Adding Quotes
* Text Positioning and Formats ( Offsets, Blur Text, Outline, Arc)

Design Tool


This feature allows you to:
* Upload your favorite photos & paste onto the design area.
* Add additional images from our huge collection of cliparts.
* Customize Tab allows you to further edit your images. Use Masking command to clip / crop your image to desired pattern. Color Selection allows you to select a colour region & replace with a different shade.

Design-> Add Clipart

Choose from our huge selection of Cliparts and Shapes

Design-> Customize

Add Masking Pattern to your design. Select a colour shade from your design and replace with your choice.

Change Product and My Designs Tool

This feature allows you to change the product you are designing.

My Designs allows you to retrieve your saved designs and continue working with it


Design Side & Configuration Selection

Clicking the Blue Arrow on the right side of the product designer area will show the side and product configuration tool

Depending on the product type. You can select, the side of the item to design. For example, coffee mugs has 2 sides which you can design.

Sharing, Saving and Proceeding to Check-out Cart

check out and facebook google plus twitter

Use this Tab to:

your design using your social media account.

Save. Allows you to save your design into your inkmate account. You can retrieve and edit next time you log in.

Continue. You will be taken directly to check out page.

Important note: Clicking one of these buttons will initially save your design. Our system makes sure that we create a high definition image so it may take time from 15 secs to about 1-2 minutes. Please bear with us a we want to deliver you with the best image quality as possible.

Tool Bars, Center, Flip Insert Back Copy

These Additional Tools Allows Further Customizations. Go ahead and try them out!

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